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Pillar 1: Environment

There’s a new science known as Epigenetics. The “study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself”.

Which means: your environment affects the way you feel.

Motivation is great to get you started but as we all know it fails sooner than later, just look at adherence to Diet & Exercise Programs. Habits and Environment Keep You Going!


Pillar 2: Emotional Support

In the classic, “Man’s Search For Meaning”,” Viktor Frankl found patterns in the 3-5% of survivors who lived in the Nazi concentration camps.

He found they overcame impossible circumstance because they had a reason NOT to give up.

The survivors had something to live for, i.e. a vision of a future or something to look forward to. This is why we focus our energy on the emotional support of our Sportybella Academy Community for you AND your family.


Pillar 3: Life Skills

Larry Ellison is the multi-million dollar leader of Oracle, one of the most prolific tech companies on earth.

The way he got there was not how you would expect. At first, he went to college to become a doctor. His parents loved this. His girlfriend did too. But after a couple semesters, Larry realized he was living THEIR dreams. Not his.

He left college and found himself working in IT while pursuing his love of rock climbing. He was happy, but that’s when a second turning point came...

Larry’s wife asked for a divorce. She thought of him as a failed doctor. A college dropout who lacked ambition.

"Once again, I was unable to live up to the expectations of others," he said. "But this time, I was not disappointed in myself for failing to be the person they thought I should be. Their dreams and my dreams were different. I would never confuse the two of them again."

It wasn’t much later when he found his passion. Needless to say, Larry THRIVED.

There are moments in time when society’s pressures steer you in the wrong direction. The tools you will learn in Sportybella Academy give you confidence and direction during those confusing times, especially like the ones we are all facing right now in our lives.  The tools we give moms are built off experiences in the real world. No theory here!




MODULE 1: Mindset Training

The foundation of success is our mindset. Help unlock the limitless opportunities of life by developing a powerful mind with SportyBella Mindset Training.

MODULE 2: Leadership Training

Leadership skills are vital in handling the challenges of daily life. Learn how leaders find solutions and create opportunities.

MODULE 3: Personal Safety

Feel confident in knowing that you and your family are prepared for any potential threats or dangers by learning tools and tactics to stay safe.

MODULE 4: Nutrition

Learn how to live your optimal life by properly nourishing you and your family through proper nutrition for a healthy mind and body.

MODULE 5: Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is not only beneficial to the body but also the mind.  With a proper regimen, you and your family can start looking and feeling amazing.


Here’s a small part of what you will learn from the SportyBella Academy:

- The ‘First Responder Mentality’ Training. Discover how to live by your own rules through the power of personal responsibility. Own it, and you can beat it.

- The “GOOP” Stopping You. How “Goop” stops you from voicing your wants and eats away your self-confidence.. And exactly what you can do to STOP it.

- Thomas Edison's “Failure Re-Frame. A simple switch in your mind to easily dominate the day and life’s normal stressors without anxiety or stress.

- Go with your gut instinct. How to hear and listen to your gut instinct, grasp inner motivator, and push you to success.

- The “Lego Brick Method." The easiest tweak to controlling the good and bad voices in your head. Master this and you and your family can build unshakeable confidence within weeks.

- From Victim to Victor. Simple steps to go from the victim mentality to an empowering belief. This one monumental shift will give you the power to make physical AND mental changes instantly.

- Fix The Body, Fix The Mind. Tried and true tricks to fixing your body and simultaneously fix your mind. Build strong mental health with mindset training, and indirectly with nutrition + exercise regimens.

- Unshakable Confidence. How to mold your mindset like silly putty to create unshakeable confidence and help you and your family get what they want out of life.



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Bonus #1: Private Facebook Community

An endless resource for inspiration and accountability. Here you will connect with the rest of the SportyBella Academy community in real time. This is a community built to share our best insights. You’ll also have the chance to get feedback, ask questions, pitch ideas, and NETWORK. I will be in there mixing it up to give you extra guidance and support. If nothing else, it’ll help make the journey a ton of FUN!

Bonus #2: Create A Revenue Stream

We want to help Moms and Families all across the USA due to the current events we are all facing!! Right now, once you become a Member of Sportybella Academy you can sign up to get your own personal link to refer Sportybella Academy to ALL your Friends and Family.

When someone clicks on your link and becomes an Active Yearly Member you will receive 30% Commission on that Yearly Sale as long as YOU and the Person You Referred are Active Yearly Members!  This means you can start helping others while creating a passive revenue stream for you and your family from the comforts of your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Inside SportyBella Academy you will have a supportive community committed to improving your life. Learn about mental techniques and tools to overcome negativity and THRIVE in a society where pressure and stress reign supreme. 

Mindset. Leadership. Personal Safety. Nutrition. Health & Fitness. These are the five areas of focus when you enter SportyBella Academy. We made sure to cover EVERY single area that may affect you and your family.

Once you enter in your information you’ll be directed to the Sportybella Academy Team Room. The Sportybella Academy Team Room includes all the training for Mindset, Leadership, Nutrition, Fitness & Personal Safety. You’ll receive an email with your login info to start implementing right away.

Yes, upon becoming a Yearly Member of Sportybella Academy, you will have the ability to become an affiliate helping you create a revenue stream for your family through promoting your special Sportybella Academy Referral Link.

Here What Other Parents Are Saying…

"Teaching today has a lot more responsibilities and fears associated with it from disgruntled students to active shooters, SportyBella Academy has helped me become a stronger person physically but also mentally to help aid me in my profession. No-matter what the circumstance. The knowledge on safety for myself and students is extremely simple and easy to remember in any situation, I pray that I never have to use any of the safety principles, but if I do, I know I am prepared"

Rachel Champa
High School Teacher

"While I had already dived into some personal development and was familiar with some of what is taught in SportyBella Academy, this has been an awesome program to have everything in one spot! All lessons flowing together. Everyone needs to invest in something like this. Not only has it helped me on my personal journey, it has helped me to be better in ALL areas of life, such as parenting and being a leader. I now see that I have some serious potential if I just grab on to what is being taught. "

Amy Sessions Ledin
Owner, Lean Bodies Consulting, Curls & Whey Inc., GoFigure App

"As a physician, I work with a lot of patients with stress, anxiety and depression and I see these numbers of patients skyrocketing. I can tell you that taking the approach to these disorders as SportyBella Academy has done is groundbreaking and will completely change the face of how we treat these mental disorders. This program has a way of approaching and working through each of these diseases in such a phenomenal way that without a doubt when I use this program with my patients, I KNOW I will get results and improvement every time."

Alex Spinoso

Our Story

Inspire Through Sportybella,
Empower Through SportyBella Academy!!

SportyBella is helping female athletes all over the globe realize the power of team but also themselves through our sport-specific athletic jewelry, accessories and programs.

Our mission is to provide female athletes of all ages and abilities beautiful, inexpensive sport accessories and products to help enhance team spirit and leadership.

Our vision is simple, help inspire and empower millions of mothers and families around the world through knowledge by giving them the life skills they need to live a life of limitless possibilities while creating impact & success through our online coaching program for Mom's, SportyBella Academy.

Through inspiring girls with our physical products on Sportybella and empowering mothers and families across the U.S through SportyBella Academy we are creating a movement of female leaders who lead by example helping change this world one person at a time

Our story begins with Sportybella…….


My name is Kristina and I’m the owner of Sportybella.

My team and I help all female athletes look and feel their best when they participate in their sport by selling top quality, jewelry and accessories. Between my 3 kids and their various sports, I have seen my fair share of sports merchandise over the years. At each new competition or tournament, I always noticed one thing about the merchandise offered: a lack of custom sports jewelry. As a team mom and coach I was having difficulty finding affordable, good quality gifts for the players and coaches.

So with this knowledge and some encouragement from friends and family, I started designing and hand making sports jewelry for girls. From my humble beginnings in our family's basement, Sportybella.com cultivated into the company it is today. With all hands on deck, my family and I picked and packed customer orders, until our part time efforts no longer sufficed. 

The entrepreneurial spirit of our family took hold and we put forth the effort for Sportybella.com to reach its true potential. We are now out of the basement and have established an extremely talented team whom design and manufacture unique products for female athletes for over 15 sports.

Setting the tone for fashionable and affordable sports accessories has been a dream to do. As a mom and entrepreneur its been exciting and challenging to grow this brand for female athletes. 

Our story evolves into Sportybella Academy………

Meanwhile, my husband Matt Tamas created SportyBella Academy which combined with Sportybella is our True Passion as a couple and as parents to help millions of mothers and families across the U.S to help make a positive impact on this world for generations to come.



My name is Matt Tamas.

More importantly, I am a Husband and Father of 3. At the end of the day, health, family, coaching, creating experiences and having fun are what are most important in my life. 

I’ve been a High Performance Coach for the past 24yrs and author of 3 books….

Reinvent Your Personal Safety

Quantum Success

High Performance Life


I’ve been helping people live their own high performance life since I started this journey when I was 18yrs old in addition to writing my books and creating my coaching programs for my children.

Throughout the past 3 decades of trying nearly everything under the sun to improve myself, I’ve worked with some of the best of the best when it comes to coaching Mindset, Leadership, Personal Safety and Strength & Conditioning. 

I’ve taken everything that’s worked and discarded what didn’t. Now I use my coaching community Sportybella Academy for Mom’s to share these tools with women just like you all over the country to help them live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life, a life you are meant to live, the life of your dreams.

But first, let me tell you how I fell into this. 

In high-school, I felt like a loser. Like most teens, I went through some tough years… Insecurities, shy, quiet, broken hearts, and your normal scars…  inside and out.

While looking into my options of going to college, my counselor told me I needed to “explore other options.”  

She said, “I’m not sure you’re good enough for college, Matt.” 

 As I’m sure you can imagine this felt like a dagger, thrust into my chest. Luckily, I was fortunate to have a Dad who mentored and inspired me. 

See, my dad came to America with nothing but the clothes on his back. After spending years as a blue collar worker, he built a successful business through sheer stubborn willpower and hard work. 

So for years that’s what I thought I needed to do… work harder. Work harder. Then work even harder which is exactly what I did for years!  Eventually, I learned this isn’t the only way to success. Instead, it’s the fast track to burnout. 

This started a long journey of seeking out the most successful entrepreneurs, coaches and a circle of ridiculously successful friends so I could learn from them which resulted in me creating the life I had always dreamed of having and now that life is my reality.

But my life wasn't always like it is now.

 Just a few years ago it all fell apart….I was divorced, getting harassed 24/7, bankrupt, home auctioned off, didn’t have full custody of my son, ready to shut down my business and bag groceries! I felt like a victim, in short, my life was a mess and I was about to throw it all away and give up! Until the night before my home was being auctioned off…..

Everything was going against me that night but when I look back, it was all going perfectly as planned.  In that moment, I decided that there was something bigger at stake, it was my sons safety and our future, it was my vision of being successful and providing for not only my son but my future family that I envisioned down the road.  

I made the decision right then and there that I would fight!!! I would create the life I envisioned because if I took the alternate path, the Dark side would prevail and I would have given up on not only my life, my future family and my son’s life and there was no way in hell I was going to do that!!

If I would have chosen the easier path of least resistance, nothing that is in my present life would be here, my family wouldn’t exist, nor would Sportybella and Sportybella Academy in addition to things we are going to accomplish in the future!! 

Really THINK about this for a MOMENT and the ABSOLUTE POWER IN THAT DECISION!!!

 Here’s the plan I put into action to change my life:

  • I stopped being a victim & wasting my time!
  • I changed my focus choosing myself, changing my story and taking action!
  • I changed my environment with everything
  • I upped my thirst for knowledge seeking the best of the best to hire and learn from in the fields of Mindset, Leadership, Personal Safety, Health & Wellness.
  • I constantly made myself uncomfortable expanding my comfort zone
  • I got heavily into self development & visualization while having laser beam focus on what I wanted out of my life by getting rid of more and more in my life

And within a few years I achieved things I always knew I would achieve but now it’s all happening at warp speed:

  • Married my amazing wife Kristina
  • Got full physical and legal custody of my son right after we got married
  • Had an additional 2 beautiful daughters who are the light of my life and inspiration for Sportybella Academy.
  • Building successful businesses
  • Authoring 3 Books
  • Building a high level social network of friends, mentors, coaches and entrepreneurs who are Billionaires, Multi-Millionaires, renowned thought leaders and some of the most successful people on the planet
  • Created Sportybella Academy to impact 1 Million Moms & Families across this country to help impact Billions Globally!
  • Created Alpha Vezeto Men’s Coaching Program to help Impact Men across this country.
  • Created my Blog to Help Men
  • Giving back more of my time to people as well as helping charities financially to make a positive impact in this world
  • Constantly Evolving, Inspiring & Impacting to leave the people I meet and this world better!

 Krissy and I Will Make You A Promise……….

In the Mid 1800’s there was a famous tightrope walker from France who was known as The Great Blondin.  In 1855, The Great Blondin made the trip to New York to join a traveling show.  It was there that he came up with the idea that would make him famous.

The Great Blondin ran a 1100 foot rope across the gorge at Niagra Falls, 160ft above the water and attempted to cross it. (Can you Imagine)

On June 30th, 1859 he successfully crossed Niagara Falls.  News travelled quickly and he soon had enormous crowds of people coming to watch this crazy act.

Never to be outdone, The Great Blondin soon began to add more to his act than simply walking across the rope.  He crossed the falls once with his manager on his back.  Another time he carried a rope on his shoulder to the middle of the falls, tied it on to the main rope, shimmied down and took a drink out of the water below and then climbed back up and crossed the rest of the way.  Another time he carried a chair to the middle, balanced one leg of the chair on the tight rope and stood on top.

The Great Blondin was the greatest tightrope walker that ever lived.

Then one day after he crossed the falls, an old man pushing a wheelbarrow approached The Great Blondin and said, “Sir, I want you to push my wheelbarrow across the rope”  

The Great Blondin studied the man for a moment and replied, “I’ll do it BUT only if you climb in the Wheelbarrow”

The Man Climbed In the Wheelbarrow!

As you begin this journey or continue it with Sportybella and Sportybella Academy, we’ll make you a deal. If you climb into the wheelbarrow with us, we’ll help take you across.  

What does it mean to climb in the wheelbarrow?

It means that you are not just going to skim through your life, coasting like everyone else, you are going to take action and implement the coaching!  

It means that you are going to practically apply it to your life to make your self powerful.  It means you are committed! Committed to yourself, Sportybella and Sportybella Academy as your guide towards your new life you are creating!

Climb in the wheelbarrow and we’ll help take you across the rope!


Let’s Go!!!

The Tamas Family



Your Sportybella Academy Community for Success

1. Enhance Your Peer Group
2. Fuel Growth & Contribution
3. Improve Your Performance
4. Boost Your Success
5. Increase the Quality of Your Relationships to Increase the Quality of your Life!
6. Help you Evolve, Inspire & Impact
7. Challenge You to Help You Succeed
8. Offer Insight and Support
9. Create Bonds that Last A Lifetime
10. Sisterhood


Our Top 5 Core values

1. We believe that girls are limitless and powerful able to create the life of their dreams. 
2. We believe in empowering our young athletes through knowledge while promoting unity and team spirit through our products
3. We believe in coaches that teach our athletes there’s a bigger game to be played not just on the field or court but more importantly in life.
4. We believe in supporting our female athletes with our powerful and affordable brand.
5. We believe in building a movement to leave our tracks for generations to come










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