SportyBella Academy: Female College Safety,Help Prevent College Campus Sexual Assaults

Guarding the personal safety and security of yourself while away at college does not have to be difficult.  Most students endanger themselves by a reckless avoidance of learning about themselves as opposed to the risks posed by the environment around them. 


There are a wide range of situations that offer a variety of unique risks to the personal safety of female college students, which include:

  • Dorm room safety
  • Daily or nightly walks on campus alone
  • Riding public transportation late at night or the same time every day for a part-time job
  • Going out for a night of partying with other students where alcohol is consumed
  • Going on first dates with other students you don’t know


College students in particular often have a general feeling of invincibility when it comes to acknowledging the dangers they face and usually feel it won’t happen to them.

Enhancing personal safety on or off campus means you must be alert of,”numero uno” which is...

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